Burning Heart(Groan 之 3/12)

Fly please, fly high,

the one that i love will understand.

The following is specalations and truths from a real life.

I tried to get away from my lost heart.

no, she hates me.

I stopped for a while, thought for a second.

I know I love her, this light seemed tempting.

I got warm, and then went back.

Never said a word, never look back.

Today i regret, beacause i still love her.

She never left my heart.

It hurts.

I try not to think an impossible task, but,

she is everywhere.

Where are the ones that i need, my friend, my family, they have no idea.

I never dared to talk, they dared to listen.

I’m still on the run,

I’m still on the run!

I walked through the garden, the most beautiful thing.

It was filled with warmth, and it smiled.

Pick up a flower,

I smell it,

It fill me up.

and made my heart bounce.

I listened to it,

it said some lovely things.

I put the flower down, and walked on.

There in the bushes,

an animal perhaps.

I got closer,

I must have scared her.

All of a sudden,

the flower died,

the smells disapeared,

and my heart stopped.

李征 2002年03月31日于济南