Web Server Outage

晚上的时候注意到我写的DDNS的客户端冒异常,连接服务器失败,这才发现这个Server Down了…

P.S. DreamHost Customer Support Team的回信,读得我差点憋死。

Sorry about that, The server you are on had some issues with the server
load that being caused by some customers which caused it to be
Powercycled (restarted) our admins that have been monitoring the server
had to reboot it and your service is now back up and running. The admins
are continuing to monitor the server and are looking for those that are
causing the high load, you should notice an improvement in performance on
the server by this afternoon as the load on the server is a bit high at
the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if there is anything
else we can do for you.