Farewell From Zheng Li (20091210 at Microsoft Research Asia)

It’s hard to say goodbye to a company like Microsoft — Guang Yang.

Dear all,

It’s time to say goodbye.

Today is the last day of my internship, and I just want to thank everybody for this amazing 5 months here. This is my second period of internship here in MSRA, the last time is back to 2007. I was more than happy to see familiar faces when I came back, but now it’s hard to say goodbye.

I want to take this special opportunity to thank my mentor, Zhitao Hou, it was he who introduced me a great place called MSRA two years ago, it was he who helped me to spend the last internship before graduate. Zhitao always trust me in work and allow me to make mistakes. He is so patient and helping me on every aspect of my internship, always be there when I need help. Because of the job hunting, sometimes I have to go out for interviews, Zhitao provides lots of help. Once he even offered to do my job instead to meet the deadline… A mentor offers to do his intern’s job, I never heard this elsewhere in MSRA.

I also to thank my another mentor Haidong Zhang. Haidong treats his students as friend, always think though before assign a job to interns, thus he knows the hard parts of this job, and always provides encourage, which had helped me a lot. Since I was looking for my first full time job during the last two months, he also gives lots of advices on how to decide my career path. It was Haidong who sent me the URL address of Innovation Works for the first time.

Thanks everyone for giving me this amazing experience that I’ll never forget. Thanks for the help, support and guidance. Thanks for letting me know work could be so inspiring and exciting. Thanks for the ever-lasting happy mood and easy-going environment filled with laughter…

There’s always so many people I want to thank, but there’s always a time to end. For no reason, I feel that my destiny with Microsoft is not over yet. I think I will come back in the future. Maybe not in the near future, but there will be.

Tomorrow I’ll go back home in Jinan, and back to Tongji University to finish my graduation thesis a few days later. Next March, I’ll come back to Beijing and join Innovation Works. Again, I want to thank everybody for an amazing experience, and keep in touch!

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  1. Hope we can cross our paths in the future, BIG! Maybe it is Microsoft :)

  2. 这两天同济网无法登陆了,也没有临时的说明网页,不知道情况如何,来这里留言了只能。。